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iT'S hERE....iT'S....

Over 3 years in the making and 3 dead band-mates later…

It’s kILLING tIME, the third album by Marshall O’Boy and The Well Hungarians.

Originally, the band intended to conveniently “kill” some time productively in the studio while letting the dust settle on the “Great Recession” and the crashing careers and lives that were going down with it.

But Fate lent a hand and decided a more literal meaning to the title kILLING tIME was in order.

During the three years it took to write and record this album Allan Gassman, friend, PR guru and co-founder of the infamous underground club “the O’Boys”, was found dead in his home in New York City. Meanwhile, here in Los Angeles, soundman, Ivan Kilowatt, was also found dead of mysterious causes. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse…

In April of 2013, good friend, ex-roommate, and background singer on The Well Hungarians’ previous CD, Josh West, was found beaten, stabbed, run over and shot to death in a killing spree that played out on the streets of Glendale. His ex-lover allegedly had him murdered for a life insurance policy.

So, yeah, kILLING tIME...pretty brutal irony, Huh?

“Yes, this is a Rock album, yes this is an Alternative album, but at its core kILLING tIME is a Blues album” explains vocalist Marshall O’Boy. “Considering the perfect storm of death that was going on while writing and recording this, how could it be anything else but a Blues album? It was a natural direction to take.

And DARK! In the age of Lady Gaga, playing the Blues is probably not the best of career moves.  But in one of his many past lives (the one after touring as “Bowie’s Singing Soundman” but before his 18 years as an international “porn star”) O’Boy mixed sound for some of the greatest Blues musicians around, including Bo Diddley, Etta James and Willie Dixon. Says O’Boy, “I learned to sing the Blues from working with the best of them. This loss is personal, our music sincere. This is a time, in the name of our own, to grow and shine.” “Let me tell ya” quips O’Boy “Around here, writer’s block is never a problem.”

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