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Making Stanislavsky Cringe

Marshall O’ Boy &The Well Hungarians
Release 2016 Single #3, November 30th

Possum Kingdom, the third single this year from Marshall O’ Boy & The Well Hungarians will be available for download and streaming starting November 30th. Think of it as a Rock ‘n’ Roll, X-Rated “Phantom of the Opera”; both romantic yet demonic at the same time. Sort of like a teenage, vampire love saga on TV. The single is being released on Lead Singer Marshall O’Boy’s birthday as a dark, vampiric over-produced gift to himself.

Says Marshall, “I first started jamming on this song about the time guitarist Paul Hilton and I were doing some “Rock ‘n’ Roll Drag Bar” club dates in Los Angeles with  (now  Ru Paul’s Drag Race winner) Alaska Thunderfuck 6 years ago. We never did do it live, but since then, Paul and I would work on the tracks, having fun polishing and overdubbing  just to see how creepy and satanic we could get. So yeah kids, this song was 6 years in the making. Where other than fine wines, cheese and Jack Daniels do you get that kind of ageing process these days?  Nowhere buddy. “

“Possum Kingdom” is a remake of the classic Toadies song except, as Marshall O’Boy puts it, “we took it a step further in its nasty sexual innuendoes. Lake Mohegan, New York is my real life “Possum Kingdom” sans the bloodsucking. It reminds me of where, as a teenager, I would take my playmates to these rotting docks and boathouses behind my grandmother’s lake house and um… “experiment” with them.”  Continues O’Boy, “When I sing this song, I can still smell the swamp, rotting wood and hot sex.” Make no mistake, there’s some method acting going on here that would probably make Stanislavsky cringe.”

Cringe or not. Over-the-top, just passionate (or not). Possum Kingdom by Marshall O’ Boy & The Well Hungarians will be released for streaming and downloading on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and other fine musical entities, worldwide November 30th

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Go Go Abby Travis Joins The Well Hungarians On New Single...

Bassist Abby Travis (The Go Go’s, Masters of Reality, The Bangles, KMFDM, Beck and Elastica) joined Rock band Marshall O’Boy and The Well Hungarians in the studio to help record their latest single “Roller Coaster.” On drums is Eric Gardner (Morrissey, Moby, Niles Barkley, Motels & Cypress Hill) making this (arguably) one of the strongest rhythm sections in Rock music today.

Paul Hilton on lead guitar is perhaps one of Rock music’s best kept secrets. With hundreds of records and CDs to his credit, Paul has made his living from playing live, recording and producing acts from his studio in Van Nuys, California for over 30 years.

Lead Vocalist Marshall O’Boy, started singing in bands at 16 years old in New York City. In one of his many past lives (the one after touring as “Bowie’s Singing Soundman” and before his 18 years as an international porn star) O’Boy mixed live sound for some of the greatest Blues musicians around, including Bo Diddley, Etta James and Willie Dixon. He’s done sound and/or lights for acts like Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne and Macklemore with Ryan Lewis.

With all the earmarks of a Rock classic, “Roller Coaster,” the new single by Marshall O’Boy and The Well Hungarians, is a fun, read between the lines song with slightly lascivious overtones. Some call it “clever.” While its roots are firmly based in Rock, because of its double entendres, “Roller Coaster” appeals to everyone, no matter what kind of music you listen to. Think Iggy Pop meets Willie Dixon meets Chuck Berry.

With the addition of Abby Travis to the swelling ranks of musicians joining Marshall O’Boy and The Well Hungarians, one lingering question remains; who has the biggest “cojones” in The Well Hungarians? Says O’Boy “We haven’t seen ‘em, but my money is on Abby. I guess that’s a question only our fans can decide.”

 “Roller Coaster” is scheduled for Release on April 23rd and will be available on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and wherever fine music is streamed, downloaded or pirated.

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Marshall O'Boy AKA "Bowie's Singing Soundman"
remembers life on the road with David Bowie


 "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide"

The Latest single from Marshall O'Boy & The Well Hungarians

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3 Years In The Making and 3 Dead Band-Buddies Later...


The 3rd album by Marshall O'Boy And The Well Hungarians

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Marshall O'Boy is best known as co-founder of the sexual/political organization "The O Boys" and featured in the documentary video "The O Boys: Parties, Porn and Politics. As a grass roots and underground activist, he has fought for gay and civil rights for over 20 years. Marshall’s "quietly intense" attitude and "in your face" political interactions have bought him toe to toe with high level politicos and police riot squads alike. His political opinions, positive sexual outlook and unabashed, often bare buttocks have appeared in print in such respected periodicals as The LA Times, The LA Weekly and Spin Magazine. His sexual adventures have been documented in the gay history book "Sex Between Men" by Doug Sadownick (Harper Collins) and "Hollywood Hardcore Diaries" by Mickey Skee (Companion Press) and have been recorded in over 150 adult videos. He is featured in Geoffrey Karen Dior’s book "Sleeping Under The Stars."

Known as "David Bowie's Singing Soundman" Marshall toured the U.S. and Europe with the iconoclastic vocalist as well as working with such stars as Van Halen, Black Sabbath, The Beach Boys, Foo Fighters, Missing Persons, Tones On Tail, Red Hot Chili Peppers, X, Willie Dixon, and hey, even Bo Diddley! A self-proclaimed "club rat" he has worked in legendary rock establishments plus larger venues, from Madison Square Garden to Lollapalooza .

Born and raised in New York City, Marshall has called Los Angeles home for nearly two decades. His hobbies are Astrophysics, Star Trek, wanton sex with as many boys as possible all at once and rabble rousing.

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